In the evening of early June 2019, the Forest Maiden and the Wizard met with the intention of making music together. In that new moon night they could not imagine the new world that was opening before them!


The singing of Forest Maiden that had sounded for years was accompanied by a shaman drum echoing in Wizard’s secure hands, and Forest Maiden’s drum was able to give rhythm to the melodies produced by Wizard’s flute. Folk songs and medieval, many hundred-year-old melodies as well as mystical tunes began to sound in forests, streets and parks.


Gradually, the wonders of nature, the cycle, and the rhythms of life began to mysteriously gain new lyrics and tones in the chamber of the songwriter-Wizard. The drum and the vocals, that ancient combination, was soon the Duo’s most characteristic music. Sounding stories about forest spirits, power animals, fairies, pond nymphs as well as heroes of the Kalevala were created.


Enthusiastic about this, the Wizard grabbed his guitar, the Forest Maiden her kantele, and the tunes got more shades. There were rune spells and ancient stories of the ghosts and spirits of castles and mansions, the witch-hunt, and a brave master of the sword. Enchanting stories of the mystique of love carry the listeners through the centuries, through life and death.


Imaginary journeys into a mystical world - Duo Mysticus